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Green Solution

Bionas leads the group comprising International Construction Consortium and Multi-National Companies in various field of Property Development, Construction, Infrastructure and Concessionaires, Asset Management, Industrial Building System (IBS), Green Prefab Construction Technologies, Biofuel & Clean Energy Technologies, Waste to Energy, Sea Water Conversion Technology, Desertification Technology, ICT & Multimedia and many other disciplines which are ready and enable to start the projects at the shortest possible notification.


Bionas is the World leader in Jatropha based biofuels and clean energy with a presence in 52 countries worldwide. Bionas’s core biofuel production technologies are Nano-emulsion and Polarization. Bionas uses these technologies and Crude Jatropha Oil as the base material to produce additive for the production of B20 Bio-gasoline, B20 Bio-diesel, B25 Bio-heavy fuel, Super Bio-jet fuel, Bio-super lube additive, Bio-booster tablet and BEES-coal enhancer, proven in reducing emission up to 97% and savings on fuel consumption up to 30%. These products have been scientifically tested, registered and internationally certified by reputable agencies and government bodies including SGS, INTERTEK, United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S EPA) and the United Nations Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN).

Nano-emulsion Technology is a chemical process of blending water, Bionas additive and fossil fuel which in-turn reacts and mix to form stable bonds with each other.


Pictures above shows how the engine works and the burning takes place;

Picture (a) shows incomplete combustion with the normal fuel

Picture (b) shows more complete combustion with the use of biofuel using Nano-Emulsion technology

Generally, and briefly describing, Polarization Technology allows for alignment of positive and negative ions of elements and this is achieved under high pressure and highly magnetic environment.

Polarization Chemical Structure
  • B20 Bio-Diesel for Diesel Based Engines & Heavy Industrial Machinery
  • B20 Bo-Petrol Gasoline for Petrol/Gasoline based engine
  • B25 Bio-Heavy Fuel for Shipping and Heavy Industry
  • Bio-Energy Emission Solution as Coal Enhancer
  • Bio-Jet Fuel for Aviation Industry