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If you were a company owner, or looking to buy a company, the most important thing you would do is look at “the books”. Companies keep three key documents to describe their health, which capture different aspects of what it means to be a company. I won’t say anything here about bonds, other than that they are traditionally seen as an essential part of a diversified portfolio, especially later in life.

“The marketing person behind this entire thing is Grant,” one said. “He kept saying in meetings, ‘I’m a marketing genius, I’m a prodigy — don’t matter, we’re gonna sell this and it’s gonna be amazing.’ He said that over and over and over. And after we went down to the Bahamas to assess the situation and we realized there was no possible way was going to happen, he told the man who hired us that he wasn’t happy with because we were a bunch of women who didn’t smile enough.”

The psychologist towards the end of the Hulu doc made the good point that con artists just can’t stop. No doubt this dude will start all over again one way or another in a few years when he’s out, and a lifetime of pyramid scemes and flagrant scams awaits. Until he gets caught out and hauled back into jail, of course. I watched the netflix one first so could’t figure out why this middle aged guy was so in the midst. If you don’t need to hear anything about macfarlane’s formative years or learn any more about magnises or hear the word ‘millennial’ 1000 times then you can skip the first 30 minutes of the hulu one.

Each time, just before the show a representative for Magnises would send an email explaining that the startup would no longer be able to provide the purchased ticket and offer to help reschedule the seat for another date. Aw, man, would have totally read a fear and loathing with the feral dogs from whiney…oh well. I’m just e-mailing you to see how you are and if you will be coming in to say Mass on Friday. As far as I know we haven’t arranged an alternative this time….

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Attorneys for Fyre have fired off a cease and desist letter to at least one of the people who flew to the Bahamas for the festival. The person complained on social media … Communications on the island were non-existent and there was nothing but disaster relief tents that were on the verge of blowing over. Both the magnises scam and the fyre fest scam seem too cheap!

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle share adorable footage of their daughter wobbling…
  • McFarland allegedly engaged in a scheme to sell fake tickets to concerts and sporting events, including events like the Met Gala and Burning Man.
  • Having been caught out numerous times if a company has something to hide, they will find a way to hide it.
  • Accordingly, you should not rely on any of the information as authoritative or as a substitute for the exercise of your own skill and judgment in making an investment or other decision.
  • If you need the pattern please contact Rick Googleproofenstein at hoss7318@y…
  • Other articles this month include quick reviews of Ivy bot and the London Sunrise EA. I’ve reviewed a superb market timing service called Market Sci and reveal a simple yet very effective trend following system for spotting stocks that could explode.

Sell when the 50 day closes below the 200 day moving average. There are a number of good commercial trading strategies out there, jejudoge chart but if you do a little digging, you can also find some really useful free trading systems & methods floating around.

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Would totally pay to see OTT battle royale/most dangerous game movie starring ja rule and a pack of feral dogs chasing a thousand rich twits through the jungle. We are working to comfortably accommodate guests and deliver a great experience. If you have needs, please head to the “BLUE HOUSE” on the main festival site. Security, first aid, and Fyre Festival staff are here to assist immediately, 24/7.


Most of the ME oil is therefore heading towards China and India, rather than the US. The return of the US to world markets as a buyer will reverse some of this, and will increase prices, but that won’t be bad for oil investors, unless there is a war which damages infrastructure. However, the durability of those assets is not yet evidenced by a long history through different economic scenarios, and so far, they seem to be highly correlated to the bubble in tech stocks, which seems likely to burst at some point. Or the supply of cheap labour from central & Eastern Europe that Mr Brown had opened the floodgates to as early as he could?


This was altamont for the late-period capitalism generation. Idk but it’s crazy to me the woodstock was only a three day thing, from watching various docs I just perceive it as like a week long event. It seems like a disaster even as a scam/con, though. How could you invite rich and well-connected to an event, charge them through the nose, not deliver, and then expect no consequences? My partner compared the doc to Moby Dick, where all these people were on this quasi-suicide mission led by a madman with a singular, but insane, vision.


Fortunately I was a freelance hired hand who wasn’t involved in any of that, and they sent me off in the same way they sent the pilot off in this documentary. At this point it was pretty clear that this was a mess and I shared my concerns with the man I reported to. But he assured me that the Fyre execs were legit, and said some socialite was underwriting the whole thing. The budget was okayed and we were told to carry on with our planning. “To living like movie stars, partying like rock stars, and fucking like porn stars.” If Ja Rule is punished for anything perhaps it should be that.

Dave Shuttleworth, that’s interesting, I suspect a lot of people who are getting chest infections are suffering from Bacterial Pneumonia; due to breathing through filthy festering face flannels. Unless you have already done so, check out Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, the forensic historians. They explore, on richplanet and britainshiddenhistory, the Egyptian/Welsh cross-over.

Bank of Spain to Launch Experimental Wholesale CBDC Digital Token Program – Blockchain Bitcoin News

The call is coming from inside the house, man. “It’s just so stressful because once you start involving other people, the pressure is on you to deliver.” I was a computer programmer, and after computers, the two things I love most are the ocean and, for some reason, rap music. See the thing is about that promo — having worked for years and years at UCI and all and seeing endless frat party announcements around the campus, it just reads like exactly that. Which I suppose explains who went to this thing. I can say I was intrigued and reached out for RS in January.

I started laughing when there was a stock clip of whack a mole. I am enjoying how much everything in the last 2-3 years, despite being terrible, is really playing up how much we mindlessly were giving men money and accolades for empty fucking visions. Halfway through the Hulu one and watched the Netflix one yesterday. But yeah, the hulu one has a more buzzfeed edit going. Netflix is much better as a cohesive piece.

I’m just listening to Sheep Farm #46 and I’m currently up to the point where you’re talking about places like Huddersfield becoming universities. And now in 2021 we see clearly the effects of broken families and it’s heartbreaking. About your talking about climate change, I haven’t listened to your whole video yet but I assume you didn’t mention Planet X. What about Planet X?

As others have said, for all this “Billy was so charming and could talk his way out of anything” talk, I didn’t see much evidence of any of his charm/charisma. It looked more like what people really meant was he threw great parties and always gave us free beer. I did enjoy the “no such thing as bad publicity” rationalizations in the immediate aftermath, like they could brainstorm another angle to keep the scheme rolling. No payroll in the short term, but family vibes galore.

How to create widget on desktop to check bitcoin/altcoin…

As a beginner, you will not be good at this, and in fact most of the really good traders lost a lot of money (usually other people’s money) acquiring their skills. There were a lot of people in the Netflix one that should have known better and did have us asking why they continued to be involved with Billy even up to the day of the festival. What’s still unclear to me is if any musical acts were still on the bill 48 hours before the start time, when attendees started traveling. Had everything been canceled or were smaller-font acts still set to perform? It didn’t seem like there were any artists in the footage during the fiasco, though there was a stage. The islanders set up the 1970 festival to fail by forcing to move to a location overlooked by a hill, providing free viewing for all that cared.

A former Fyre employee said McFarland sold Ja Rule a “pipe dream,” though there’s evidence to suggest the seasoned recording artist should have known better. Video hyping the festival he posted on Twitter and later deleted includes footage of the main stage, which had walk-up stairs and lacked barricades or an exit for EMS. “People would have died,” the production employee said. That ball pit started life as an emergency raft. The fyre people party with all the emergency equipment afaict.

Commuters have SNOWBALL fights at train stations, families go sledding and put on their… Meghan’s ex-BFF Jessica Mulroney shares cryptic message on Instagram saying the best thing she ever did was… Prince Harry and Meghan share family photoshoot taken at Frogmore during Queen’s Jubilee weekend in new…

The current jabs are far more dangerous but we know that all of them have caused death and damage.. Congratulations on receiving the correspondence from the British Brainwashing Corporation . Surely as they receive money from the public by way of the TV tax, their content should be available to share? It is supposed to be a public service innit?

After waiting at a FedEx location for an hour, Delisle was told his tickets would be at the theater’s will call. When he went to the theater, the tickets weren’t there. The four-time Grammy nominee is not planning the festival on his own, but he is the founder and his connections to the music industry mean the guest list is going to be incredible. If his name wasn’t attached, it would be hard to drop so much cash without a firm lineup, but Ja Rule’s connections span the music industry and beyond.

If you only own cash, then you are exposed to the risk of inflation, which is a certain, but fairly predictable loss, so may be worth bearing for a while in a low-inflation environment. Holding some cash is useful for day-to-day and unexpected expenses, but it also lets you take advantage of bargains in other investment classes. One of the few ways that a small investor has the edge over large investment funds, is that he can stay out of the market during risky times, while a large fund is usually under pressure to put all its money to work. Goff apparently has been dabbling in stock trading but was hoping to become a hedge fund manager. Speaking of his employment history, the New Jersey man wrote that he had tried his hand at half a dozen trades, including master electrician, baker, cook, teacher and semi-professional poker player.

A man needs a hobby, so maybe it’s harmless enough. I’ve heard the Netflix one is much more favorable to the FuckJerry people than the Hulu one. My first thought when he popped up in the movie was, this guy has been dining out on this story ever since. We were the only people (with kids no less!) drinking beer, the bar was mainly stocked with bottles champagne. This all makes me wonder when we’re going to get the tell-all ATP doc, the final word on the UK’s own lo-fi Ponzi scheme festival. Only instead of ja rule, theranos had a board with like…

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