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Sustainable Model

Sustainable Model

In planning for the project, the 3Es, Economic, Equity, and Environment were taken into account so that they are sustainable with benefits to the economy from the proceeds of the Jatropha fruit sale.

The Project Sustainability is through cash inflow from PV and Strategic Business Units (SBUs) Operation, Contribution towards Development from the planters and press mill, and public listing of SBUs.  For the Business Model, the revenues considered for the SPV is generated from the sale of Crude Jatropha Oil, briquette and pallet, B20 Biodiesel and bio petrol, B20 biodiesel and bio petrol sold by pump station operation within the development area and Waste to Energy plant which includes electricity generation and sales of recycling and reusable product.

Besides the operational revenue, some of the development cost is contributed by the key stakeholders through the monthly installments over a period of time. The key stakeholders are Press Mill which will contribute from the sales of Briquette and Planters which will contribute from Sales of houses through a monthly deduction from sales of Jatropha fruit.

Some of the  SBU are planned to go public from day one at the right time. The SBUs will be valued at market value. These listing activities will create wealth for the stakeholders and help to reduce the funded amount. It is estimated that on the listing day the value of the Operating Units to be valued at 250% to 300% of the development cost.

Some of the targetted SBUs are :

The development area will be managed by the Co-Developer with the assistance of the local government. To help govern and ensuring sustainability, these township public infrastructures, social amenities, and facilities including hospitals, schools, and colleges, will be maintained by CSR fund contributed from the key economic activities of the SPV, SBUs, and other business/industries operating within the Agropolitan.

BATC will hand over BATC’s SPV to the landowners at fair value at the end of the Concession Period.


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